Corporate social responsibility

In line with our vision and our values, it is of particular importance to us to provide real help, both professional and human, for every client and case. We are aware that as tax advisors, we do not just work with dry legislation and numbers, but with real people, specific life situations and problems to be solved.

For this reason, it is also important for us to be able to get behind projects and issues that are compatible with the personalities and values of our team members. Consequently, on the one hand, we support various organisations on a pro bono basis with our tax advisory services, of course still with the same high level of expertise and reliability that we provide for everyone. On the other hand, we support various NGOs with financial and material donations.

However, we also believe that these cooperations and donations will be win-win situations for both sides. Because we will also grow and enrich ourselves with additional experience, knowledge and expertise that we can use in life and in our profession.

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In Hungary, UNICEF works to organise cultural, sports and other events and programmes for disadvantaged Hungarian children. The events and programmes aim to empower disadvantaged children and make them more resilient to life's challenges. TruTax's tax experts provide pro bono tax advisory services to help and support the Hungarian UNICEF Foundation to achieve these goals.

Ukraine situation

We follow the situation in Ukraine with sadness and pain in our hearts. Regardless of nationality, our hearts are moved and we are standing next to all those who have unwillingly become involved in this senseless situation and are against the war.

TruTax employees and our families are supporting these people both personally and at company level, both directly and through UNICEF, with financial and material donations. For those who would also like to help with grants, please visit the TruTax website for our earlier summary of the tax aspects of donations which is available both in English and Hungarian.

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Christmas - 2023

Every year at Christmas, TruTax supports various civil organisations. In 2023, we chose Piros Orr Bohócdoktor Alapítvány. This organisation received financial donation. We hope that our donation gave disadvantaged children the chance to enjoy the festive season.

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