We provide tax advisory services to corporate and individual clients in connection with everyday and specific tax questions on a regular and ad hoc basis, depending on specific client needs.

Our regular and ad hoc tax advisory services can also be provided on site, i.e. with personal presence in our clients' offices.
Main service areas:
  • Szolgáltatásaink

  • blankanalysing and advising the contractual background and tax consequences of everyday and specific transactions 

  • blankreviewing and advising the existing employee benefit scheme

  • blankpreparing and reviewing tax calculations, background documentation and returns in connection with interim and year-end tax returns with regard to the main taxes (personal income tax, corporate income tax, local taxes, VAT, etc.) 

  • blankassisting tax matters related to operation, maintenance and rental of company cars 

  • blankdetermining the SME status and identifying tax consequences and opportunities 

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