New reinforcement at TruTax

We are delighted that Kitti Laczkó has joined TruTax and that she will further strengthen our professional team with her in-depth knowledge. For more information on Kitti's professional background, please see her introduction below.

After graduating in economics, I applied for my first job at the National Tax and Customs Administration, where I spent 7 years in the customer information department and gained considerable experience, mainly in solving problems concerning individuals’ tax liability. I provided general tax advice on personal income tax, social security contribution, social contribution tax, wealth tax and KATA (tax for small companies), mainly to individual taxpayers and small entrepreneurs.

At NTCA, it is important for administrators to receive continuous training, and I was involved in training programmes and had the opportunity to give professional presentations over the years.

At Saldo Zrt, I further developed the strong knowledge base I had acquired at NTCA. I had the opportunity to gain insight into and try myself in the world of publishing, as well. I wrote several articles in the company's own publications, and I was also the co-author of a professional book. My area of expertise remained the fulfilment of tax obligations affecting private individual taxpayers, this time mostly from the payer/employer side.

Obtaining my tax advisor qualification, I chose TruTax because I envisioned my future at a tax consulting firm where I can think comprehensively about solving a tax problem, and consultants are not "specialized". I believe it is important for a tax advisor to have as much in-depth knowledge as possible in all aspects of taxation.

I am delighted to be part of the TruTax team, because among dedicated colleagues, the goal is always to find the most optimal – and not necessarily the fastest – solution focusing on compliance with the law. This attitude allows me to look our clients and the audit authority in the eye with a clear conscience.

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