Main tasks I have been involved in so far:

blankImplementation of an entire transfer pricing project from client communication (in oral and written form, in Hungarian and English), through the preparation of proposals, the compilation of client contracts and preparing a full-scope transfer pricing documentation to the preparation and sending of invoices 
blankCoordination of the work of a team of a few people in transfer pricing projects, delegation and management of tasks, reviewing the work and finalising the project
blankpreparation of Local Files (production, distribution, services, loan transactions, royalty) in Hungarian and English
blankpreparation of Master Files in Hungarian and English
blankpreparation of company and industry analyses in Hungarian and English
blankreviewing Local and Master Files
blankpreparation of benchmarking analyses (Amadeus, TP Catalyst, Loan Connector, RoyaltyRange, Bloomberg): defining the research strategy, reviewing companies in databases and on the Internet, selecting the comparable companies, preparing calculations with standard and modified indicators, preparing the description of the comparable search in Hungarian and English
blankmapping related party relationships
blankparticipation in APA projects
blankassistance in transfer pricing data reporting obligation in Hungarian and English
blankperforming translation tasks from English to Hungarian and from Hungarian to English

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