TruTax: results in 2023, start in 2024

In 2023, we often felt that we were not taking the stairs in threes, but jumping 2-3 floors at a time.

A few major achievements from 2023 that we are proud of:
– We completed the development of Smart TPD software, which enables us to provide one of the highest quality, fastest and cheapest transfer pricing services on the market.
– Thanks to the successful software implementation, our customer base increased by 100+ clients.
– We presented at several tax conferences to large audiences.
– Our professional team was further expanded with two senior transfer pricing specialists, Anna Tóth-Gaál and Zsófia Nagy, who have Big4 experience.

All these achievements set the stage for the start of the year 2024:
– We acquired Transfer Pricing Services Kft, who closed 2023 at least as successfully as we did.
Dr Gergely Takács (managing director of TPS), who has an outstanding knowledge and experience in transfer pricing, joined our team.
– We started our expansion into the Czech Republic with the Smart TPD software.

We are grateful to our customers for their cooperation and for enabling us to make this journey over the past year.

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